Healt and commerce everybody knows the importance of health.sometimes you

  • HEALT AND COMMERCE Everybody knows the importance of health.Sometimes your concrete wealth doesn&#39t give happiness.Sometimes it&#39s a key of your health and happiness.My nephew has juvenile hyaline fibromatasis.It&#39s a derivation of cancer.Although many kind of cancers are treated in some ways, there is no foresightable treatment in this disease.I don&#39t know if someone researchs in this field to produce suitable drugs.

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    Although not directly related to my speciality, i know the disease, and similar supportive tissue disorders. i suspect that we can cure it with any drug, however, we may provide progress with some alternative methods. first, contact me with the complete file of the patient. i hope i can provide any help. best, prof. dr. b. bülent menteş (312) 4663020 (0533) 6025098 (sekreter mobil tel)

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